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Humorous ideas how to deal with Russian dating scammers


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Some people here had funny ideas what emails to send back to those dating scammers. I liked them so much, I created a new thread for them.


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2007-05-03, 11:11:24 from United States  

2007-06-11, 16:28:22
anonymous from United States  
OMFG....lony ur a genius...... lol
i got a the same letter(word for word) as yours from 'wendy'.....
heres her pic......
o the trolls we could make together..............

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Keywords: brunette black dress bar
2007-06-21, 05:29:32   (updated: 2007-06-21, 05:34:46)
anonymous from Australia  
I had mine ring my phone a couple of times and next time,I might try this script.....
Try to follow this script.
Ring Ring......She is ringing me
Me answering in a detectives voice. Hello
Her... Hello Jason,It is Svetlana from Russia here.
Me.... This is senior detective Dirty Sanchez here.Who am I talking to?
Her..... Umm Svetlana Bla Bla Bla
I hold the phone away and say to my deputy 'don't move the murder weapon yet'
Me.... Can you explain how you know the deceased please?
Her... lies lies lies
Her.......Lies lies
Her.....Lies Lies
Me..... Can you varify your whereabouts 1 to 2 hours ago for me?
Her.... Lies Lies Lies
Me.....ok yep!
I hold the phone away again and say 'take more pictures of the other side' I could even have a camera to make the right noises.
Me.... Now Svetlana,I need you to listen very carefully and remain calm.You are not in any kind of
trouble,but I need you to tell me the exact address where you are now.It is
very important.
Her.... maybe an honest answer????
Me.....Yeah,can you spell that for me please?!!
Me.... Ok..Thank you for your co-operation Svetlana.Stay exactly where you are.
The authorities will be in the building very soon to collect you.
You will be a material witness for this murder.
I thank you for your co-operation Svetlana.
You can contact me on my number.It is 555*****
Then I hang up the phone and explode with laughter!
Ha Ha
2007-06-21, 05:37:41
anonymous from Australia  

Hi Nastya,That is a very nice name.
Actually...I love that name and I think I love you too very much!!!.
I would love to meet you.How full is your bank account?
Iam so loyal too.I can arrange my plane ticket and visa,just as soon as I receive enough money.
Can you send me $2000.00 U.S. please via Moneygram or Western union?
Iam honest and Iam sure we will have a great life together because Iam honest.My family all send you their greetings.
They are so happy that you have sent me this letter.The first of many Iam sure.
I don't just fall in love with anyone,So you must be very special.I know you are a good person.
Do you like god Nastya? I think god is sooo cool.
Anyway It is so nice to meet you........Nastya
I won't slow you down any longer.Iam sure you are going to run straight to the bank and transfer all that money to me because I know you want us to be together.
I know I may be a little forward,but one of us had to ask for money first.I guess I won.Tough shit sweetie Oh! my pounding heart oh oh oh!
I have waited all my life for you Nastya!
This is just the start of something very beautifull.I can feel it in my Wallet.
Please hurry Nastya,I want this joke to work so much it hurts!!
Ok Honey run to the bank now for me.
I love you Nastya Sweetie..........You are my great big cartoon dollar sign.Aren't You? Yes you are.......
Kind regards Jason...

P.S. Can you send me some pictures of yourself sweetie? Naked is good.With your friends too is ok.You know,pillow fighting and all that works for me. Hurry now sweetie.I love youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

2007-07-03, 17:09:29
anonymous from United States  
I am Bad-I like the letter, I am getting ready to drop that bomb on a few Russian cuties, I am playing. I was played once, for a small sum of money before i grew wise to thsi site, and the scams. Thier stories and pictures are worth making them, work a little. I will post all new hooks on Delphi.

The Slice
2007-07-04, 00:29:24
anonymous from Australia  
Hi The Slice,
Feel free to cut and paste the letter I wrote and edit the details as required.Then send it to your scammers.
2007-08-18, 09:40:48
Here is what to do if one rings you.Listen to this prank done to a telemarketer.Iam sure it could be done to a scammer too. http://soundboard.c..calls.aspx
2008-02-16, 14:47:53

Stupid american males are conned by harlots through chatrooms and transfer their life savings to these women in foreign countries like Czech Republic, destroying their and their families' lives...... Anyone else burned by this?
2008-03-13, 09:25:13
anonymous from O Fallon, United States  
Here is what I told the bitch that was trying to swindle me after she needed $800.00 from me to buy her plane ticket:
Hello, Ekaterina my dear. I was on my way to send your funds, when I decided to stop for a beer. I really was thirsty. I was enjoying my second beer, when I met a local girl standing nearby. She did not seem to be having much fun, so I decided to be kind and offer to buy her a beer also. You have always praised me for my kindness, and so I am sure this was OK with you. We talked for a while and really seemed to hit it off. Three beers and two hours later, she was at my house, screwing me senseless. I would like to tell you some more about her, honey. Her name is Valerie, and she is a tall blonde with crystal blue eyes. She has long legs, a nice ass, and the most beautiful tits you ever imagined. She swallows and loves anal. I took some pictures of the two of us in bed together. I would be willing to send some to you. I just know this is OK with you. I started thinking about you waiting for your ticket money, and I had this thought occur to me. Now, here's the sum total: Four bottles of beer @ $3.00= $12.00
1 plane ticket I wont have to foot the bill for $800.00
That is a net savings of $788.00 and I still got laid by a really hot blonde. Some things money can't buy- For everything else, there's Mastercard.
With all my love, Dave
2008-03-28, 14:44:47
anonymous from United States  
Oh thats a good one Dave.... I am gonna steal yours, by the way I got this couple letters from this chic in Russia, u know in double quotes and trying to get some dough out of me......but I really liked your reply and I am gonna send it to her and laugh my ass off.......
2008-04-22, 12:47:42
OJAS from United States  
Hello my new friend! I liked your structure. To me 45 years, and I am feeling single. What your age? growth? body sizes? Me a hunter, and you my huntee? To you like eat my boneless meat? And when you do I want to iron your head, since it hollow is. I wait impatiently for you the let.
SavSave time; Copy / Paste the above overture to your scammer

Scamlish 101
structure = profile
single = lonely
growth = height
body sizes = figures
boneless meat = the future of a nation everyone holds in their hands 20 minutes after a litre of beer
iron = press
2008-04-22, 21:42:44
Tony from United States  

Just went to the link http://soundboard.c..calls.aspx and listened to it. It was wild! Thanks for posting that here!
2008-06-06, 17:50:08
Steve,dux from Australia  
I've just found some funny photos that you could send them when 'the jig is up'.

Funny I found them on a Russian web site!

2008-06-06, 17:58:28
Steve,dux from Australia  
Next one, is that they are fu**ing flies on society.

2008-06-06, 18:10:10
Steve,dux from Australia  
This one, tell them to do this to his mate (Boris, Vladimir) sitting next to him.

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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