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Dating scammer Tatyana (photos: Raven Riley)


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Name: Tatyana


Russia, Pavlovsk, Lomonosova st. 8, flat 21, post code(zip) -659001.

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This is pictures of Raven Riley.

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2014-01-25, 01:51:42
anonymous from Indonesia  
Terima kasih banyak Aky Ternyata Angka jitu hasil Ritual KI JAYA Yang saya minta ternyata Tembus HK 4D KAMIS 23 JANUARI 2014 DENGAN ANGKA 5568 Puji TUHAN SAYA mendapatkan kemenangan 500 juta. Sampai-sampai saya mengeluarkan Air mata, SAYA sangat terharu, bahagia dan bersyukur kpd TUHAN Yang Maha Esa. Skrng SAYA sudah memiliki modal untk buka usaha sendiri dan sdh membeli Rumah dan yg paling utama SAYA tdk Terlilit Utang lagi sewaktu SAYA menjadi pegawai pabrik. Jgn pikirkan lagi, langsung hub 'KI JAYA' Di (((085-321-606-847_))) Terimakasih banyak Aky Semoga TUHAN membalas kebaikan Anda.
2014-01-25, 12:21:33
from Trumbull, United States  
Her name is Sophia Asante lives accra ghana lies always stoll photos fro Rvan Reily
Shes 32 yrs old lives with mother and sister. been scamming for years.
Got me for $6, 800
Phone011233243973590 pobox 1079 GP accra ghans west africa
2014-01-25, 12:37:23
from Trumbull, United States  
Her name is Sophia Asante lives in Accra Ghana with her mother and sister. She uses fake photos frp Raven Riely She says she a hair dresser, shes been scamming for years, will say sdhe loves you in ab out a month. Will try to get you for visa passport airfare. Will treat you loke a king as long as she keeps getting money, She gets her phone and internet shut off because of non payment,
If yoy ask will send nude photos all of Raven Raily. Got me for $ 6,600. She has no remorse, out and out crook.

Phone 01123332397350 Po box 1079 GP Accra Ghana West Africa other phone could be 011233244450053 last was shut off. Email Sophia . Asante
2014-01-25, 15:12:34
Bax from United States  

Location: po box 1079 accra ghana

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This photo and it's story, tell who the true Scammers of Ghana are.
These are the contacts in West Africa, using stolen photos!


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Dating scammer Tatyana (photos: Raven Riley)

2014-01-26, 17:29:08
anonymous from Trumbull, United States  

Her name is Sophia Asante Accra Ghana age 32 hairdresser, lives with her mother and step sister.
Mother owns provision store. She is a prolific lier
Phone 011233243973590 email Sophia Asante@ Po box 1070 GP Accra Ghana
2014-01-26, 22:23:49
Bax from United States  

Do you have a photo of this real person in Ghana?
They've told me the same story that you are saying.
2014-01-30, 22:56:18
anonymous from United States  

Her name is Sophia Asante lives in Accra PO BOX 1079GP Accra Ghana West Africa
She went school to for hair dressing lives with her mother sister, who goes to private school.
She scammed me for airline tickets ,passport visa money for bank draft she said was required to travel from Ghana to the US. Story is she got robbed of $5, 000 for the bank draft.
All her documents are fake, photos are fake, the scam was for$6,800.
He e-mail Sophia. phone 233243973590.
Shes a master at lying and deception. She will tell you she loves in about 1 month.
She abuses her phone minutes. gets it shut of, lost her pc service. non payment.
She been getting away with this for years
J photos n/a
2014-01-31, 16:35:30
Bax from United States  
Hope you've read the previous page. It tells the real story.
2014-02-01, 08:49:36
anonymous from Columbus, United States  
I believe A guy by name Of Sadat Adam is using Ravon Riley pic Also this Sadat Adam is also Sadat Vipond from Detroit , Michigan both on facebook
2014-02-02, 20:23:57
anonymous from United States  

' Tatyana is really Sophia Asante Po box 1079 GP Accra Ghana West Africa. Shes 32 yrs old lives with her mother ans sister, she is a hairdresser. E-MAIL SOPHIA .ASANTE @YAHOO .COM pHONE 011233243973590 0R 011 23324445OO53, sHE SCAMMED ME FOR AIRLINE TICKETS ASSPORT VISA AIRPROT TRAVEL FEES, MONEY FOE TERMINATION OF INTERNET AND CELL PHONE. funds for shippment of gold to the US.
She claims she was robbed in a taxi of $5,000 for goverment required bank draft.
She will look you in the eye and lie to you, she sent me 3 photos they were of Raven Riely
She kept the lie the lie going for a long time, finally. she knew she was caught, she disappeard for 10 days. that was it for me.She is a fraud and a master manipulater. Photos not avalible
2014-02-07, 21:11:08
anonymous from United States  
Sophia asante accra ghana phone 011233243973590 sophia asante Shewill try to scamm you out of money for plane fare passpot visa airport feee for first tim travler. Shes a patholoigical liar. she will fall in love with you inside of 1 month, cater to your emotions a robb you blind. My life woud be complete to see her prosicuted, shes hurt a lot of peoplle, she even scamed her uncle Joe out of $5,000. Has no remorse All her photos are fake, she will never get on video, she s a coward hiods when she thinks shes caught, wont ever answer any question. Never says much, she doesnt want anyone to know what shes thinking.
2014-02-09, 09:05:51
name facebook: james suzan

name google talk: james susan

active: NOW

2014-02-09, 09:11:40
name facebook: james suzan

name google talk: james susan

2014-02-09, 09:12:25
name facebook: james suzan

name google talk: james susan

active: NOW

2014-02-09, 09:13:13
name facebook: james suzan

name google talk: james susan

active: NOW

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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