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New advertising - trying Kontera text links

Running this web site costs me time and a bit of money. The host cost is not really that much as some other web sites try to make users believe. It's about $100 a year for entry level web hosting and about $10 for the domain.
I certainly don't want to ask for donations.

However, it happens about 3-4 times a month that the database server is overloaded and there have been temporary outages in these situations, maybe 5 minutes each time. In March, my web hosting company had shut down the server and it took 8 hours until it was back up. In these occasions, I have considered moving to a more powerful platform, something like a dedicated server.

I also spent a few hours every day in cleaning up spam, adding new functionality etc etc

You see already that I have Google AdSense on most of the pages and as of today, May 17th 2007, I will test Kontera 'contextually relevant advertising'. You will see double-underlined links and hopefully they will be not too disturbing - maybe they can be even useful. Your feedback on this is welcome! If it is too bad, I will remove these ads again.

Thanks for your feedback!

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